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Growing an idea is a game that tells the story about an artist that found one day the inspiration and how he managed it. You are the inspiration itself and you two will experiment and discover wich type of art you are. Were you born for that, can you change what you are, or worse, are you even alive? Don't ask me, I'm just a videogame creator! But ask yourself. Enjoy!

PD: This videogame plot was gestated while on drugs so no complains about the message on it. Probably there's no message, but YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND ONE.

Graphics and Audio will be on the folder too.

This is a game made for Ludum Dare 34. I made everything: graphics, sounds and music. I used:

- RPG Maker XP

- FL Studio to record my Keyboard

- Gimp (and I'm sorry to say that a bit of Paint too...) for the graphics

I made it alone in 48 hours so, understand that IT IS NOT A MASTERPIECE.

However I enjoy creating it and maybe you enjoy playin

Thanks LD and you!

Published Dec 13, 2015
AuthorCluster Parable
TagsLudum Dare 34